Thursday, July 24, 2008

Removal of Positiv after Gold Cup

There are several races within the races on any given day in a regatta... there is the race to be out on the course first, the actual race itself and the race to get back to the dock for the free regatta beer, which Christoph Nielsen and crew seemed to win every day, there is even the races within the races when two or more boats are battling for the highest finish... but on the last day of the regatta the last race begins the second you cross the finish line. The pack it up and put it on the trailor and get out a Dodge ASAP race. Luckily, we had Bjorn who schooled us in the art of turn and burn, or take it apart and get it ready to hoist so that when it's your turn to use the crain you aren't fumbling around looking like a flock of muppets. So, after you cross the line everything that isn't vital to the function of sailing the boat back to the dock is removed... let's see, we don't need the cunningham, vang or a high functioning jib halyard, strip it. Hmmm, how about the barber hauler? Gone. Do we really need the outhaul? Naw. Take the tape off the shrouds so all you have to do is pull the pins, wrap the backstay, shourds, forestay and halyards around the mast and be ready with the trailor at the correct dock and don't be slow about it or boats just pass you by. Oh, and unscrew the ring on the rubber mast boot... that would be bad if the lift op tried to pullup the mast and that ripped. Many of the guys have support people with the trucks and trailors already que'd up before they leave the harbor for the day. We had other issues... this wasn't our boat. We didn't know how this guy wanted all his stuff put away and we felt bad just shoving it in the bench seat, but we were told to take all the control lines off so they wouldn't "get knicked" or stolen to us silly Americans who don't speak England English. Despite our best efforts we had to let 5 boats go ahead of us because Bjorn went M.I.A. on us looking for Micheal who knew where the mast deck holder things were. I'm sure there is a word for these things, but since I don't own them, I don't know what they are called. So, Mike and I just stood there looking like rookies, which we were... so we drank and passed out beers to the guys passing us.


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I love the Flensburger Gold commercial! The Videographer rock!

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