Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Jo-jo - the 2nd Folkboat Ever Built - Restored!

In 2006 I travelled to Sweden and Denmark for the Swedish International Championship and the Gold Cup. After the SIC I travelled with Anders Olsen to Stockholm and there in his barn/garage was the 2nd folkboat ever built. He bought it off some guy in the north of Sweden who really didn't understand what he had. Anders bought her and began the resoration process. In an archived blog entry to can see the restoration process roughly half way started/completed dependingon your perspective.
Well, now that process has come to a conclusion with the revival and Launch of Jo jo - SWE 2.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wauu - did you see the contraption they build to catch the broken glass, yet allow for a little - just a little splash of apple cider on Jo-Jo! And then her working glove!
Ohh well the Swedish do build the worlds most safe cars, don't they. Cheers, Kurt

9:36 AM  

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