Monday, June 30, 2008

SF Bay Litmus Test

Oh sure, it looks all calm and peaceful in this picture, but it's early in the morning and the Westerlies haven't filled in yet.
Just a nice little skip down from the St. Francis the season's boat project list has grown due largely in part to strong wind conditions and rough and tumble crew who in their mad dash efforts to keep me happy, broke stuff on the boat.
I love this rounded teak on the cockpit combing, but the jib sheet snagged in it and ripped a piece off... nothing a little epoxy can't fix.
This "old man seat" must have been used for a hand rail one too many times... it split open, but nothing a little epoxy can't fix.
The aluminium booms from DK are great, but the internal purchase system got all fouled up and Panda went in and re-worked it so that won't happen again... he put on this sexy fruity colored line and has it leading almost straight down... the little black plastic thing that keeps the line from chaffing popped loose... nothing a little left over epoxy from your other repair projects can't fix.
Now this might be a little more involved. Has this happened to anyone you know?
I assume it happened when the boat was lifted out by the straps and somehow the attachments were out of balance and well, it spider webbed this beautiful cracking pattern on the cabin... What's the protocol for fixing this? Oh, and mine leaks... do they all leak? I'm not complaining, I knew what I was getting into buying a 27 year old boat from Denmark.
I love the painted green mast... so Danish, so hidden are the potential problems that you don't worry about it... as much until you start to see vertical cracks.
Could be a little de-lamination, huh? I guess I'll let it ride till after the season is over then make a nice little winter project out of it. I'm not anxious to see what is under all that paint. When it's time to re cover it, should I paint green again? Or White? Or do like Peter Jeal did with his stern and paint it a faux wood? If I do that I'll have to do the boom the same way.
Oh, Annika says, "Hi."


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