Thursday, June 26, 2008

Annika Goes Swimming with Daddy

Annika may only be 10 months old, but she has now had 4 swim lessons, two with her mom and two with her dad. She loves the water. All I had to say was we were going to go swim swim and she got all fired up.
That's her swim teacher behind us, Jon. The second she gets in the water it's all about how much she can splash about. She really tries to jump away from me a swim... but she doesn't know how yet, or at least I'm too scared to let go and find out.
We sing songs and blow in her face right before we submerge her and she laughs and splashes all the while. She's usually the first one on the pool and the last one out... kind of like I used to be.
Lucky me, I have a daughter who loves the water.


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