Saturday, July 19, 2008

Gold Pokal 2008 - We placed 7th out of 66 boats

It's all over and we made the highest finish of any American, sorry Svend, had to be done. Mike and I set out with lofty goals of being in the top 10... mission accomplished. We stayed at the yacht club until 3 this morning. Bjorn found his way up onto a table and sang a song then proceeded to fall on his ass getting down. But I digress, He thinks it should be phrased, "a gracefulm descent to the ground inspired from skijumping where it´s called a Telemark-landing." He's a bit out of sorts this morning. We took a cab from the club and ended up at McDonald's. I'm not proud of this, but a Big Mac at 4 in the morning was all right. Our cab driver, Andrew was laughing at us the whole time. Somehow, these little Kung Fu Panda toys ended up in my pocket. I have so many pictures but no way to upload them until I get home, but rest assured, one by one, there will be material for stories for months to come. I'm especially proud of the Christoph Nielsen and Torbin pictures I have. They were asking me if they would be mentioned in the blog.... he he he, I think so. Those guys sailed and amazing regatta. Their boat "Chikita" is this ugly yellow boat with a bottom that is smoother than anything Sean Svendsen has ever done to his Knarr. He wants to bring and maybe sell it, but I think 30,000 Euros might be a little too much for a boat built before 1980. There are so many people that want to bring boats and Iäve laid out this plan for them. Get a good hull and a good mast and build everything else from there cheap and bring this boat to sell for no more than 30,000 US dollars and I think then we will get the boats and buyers that we need. Any comments?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent! Congratulations on a good regatta to You, Mike and Bjorn. Well and also Cassandra who had to put up with it all, and look out for Annika. Come home so we can go sailing!

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