Sunday, June 22, 2008

Woodies Invitational - 2008

Congratulations Mike Goebel - 2008 Woodies Champion! Let's not forget the crew Tim aka "Beefcake" and Peter aka "the plumber". With all that meat on the rail it was no wonder Mike was sailing so tough.
2nd Place - Peter Jeal!! He had different crew each day, but that never phases this guy... great performances in race 1 and 4.
3rd place - Us. My crew of Kurt Hemmingsen, Patrick Morgan and Will Patton had a very good showing. We all worked really well together and I'm stoked to finally have guys I can count on to race with.

For more pictures click on the link below... sorry if there only seems to be the same 4-5 boats in the pictures, little Annika requires a lot of attention and well, Cassandra only had a limited time to take photos.

For race results. click on the following link:
This year's Woodies was a knock down drag out fight to the finish... I'm spent. After Friday's race Peter was in the lead, Chris Herrmann was in 2nd and Bill Dumullen was in 3rd. We were a disappointing 7th. Yuck. After the 2 races on Saturday everything changed. Mike and Peter were tied for first with 9 points and Don and I were tied for 3rd with 10 points. The 2nd and 1st we had made up for the previous day. Today's races were tight and hard fought. Shifty winds gusting to 25+ and a serious flood tide made for some hard core city front tacking duels. Not to mention having to navigate though IOD's, Birds and Knarrs all racing a the same time and often getting in each other's way. For much of Saturday and Sunday it was a death sentence to get too far away from shore. Peter won race 4 and we inched out Mike at the line for 2nd... the toughest 2nd place I've ever had. Well, it must have sharpened Mike's resolve because he came out guns blazing and won the 2nd race and put two boats between him and Peter. So, in the end Mike had 13, Peter had 14 and we had 15. Don was right there in the mix with 17.
On another more important note... Tommy jr. - you were very much missed out on the race course this weekend, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


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Yay! I am so proud of you guys. Me (your wife)

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