Thursday, June 19, 2008

Crew Night - June 18th

This was the captain for Crew Night... oh wait, that's Patrick from Sponge Bob Square pants. Wrong Patrick.
Here is the minor damage Patrick did to the boat hitting the steel windward mark buoy.
He nailed it and dragged it along the hull, made a deep thumping sound as it hit, but you can hardly tell. Nothing that can't be buffed out. Brock was very quick to point out that we hit the mark as if we had no idea. I was like, dude, of course we hit the mark thanks for pointing it out as if we were total rookies who don't know how to take penalty turns... I mean really, do I look like the kind of guy who isn't going to take the penalty? Anyway...

Last evening was crew night, which means you are supposed to give up the helm to your crew. Danielle gave it up to Dan, I gave it up to Patrick and Brock gave it up to... Mickey Waldear! Tom jr. gave it up to Tom sr.! Ok, Former season champions racing in the folkboat fleet is great! I love the fact that we're bringing guys back from the Knarr fleet and putting them in Folkboats, that's really cool, makes me feel real good and also for some seriously good competition too. Goebel drove his own boat, so did Peter, they had great starts... we didn't. Chris didn't give up the helm to either Rich or Mike Cole... I would have let Rich or Mike Cole drive my boat... meanwhile, as the race moved up course, a few boats tacked too early in the flood on the windward mark layline and a few went too far, we split the difference and well, I would have fetched the mark, but young Patrick didn't quite understand how to "shoot the mark" and well, we hit it. Just a minor flesh wound. We would have passed Mickey in USA 121 if we could have pulled it off... there was a lot of flood at the mark. After that we sort of settled for the middle of the fleet and just sailed the course and got 7th. Tom sr. didn't need much practice and won, Mickey took 2nd and Mike Goebel got 3rd.


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