Sunday, January 04, 2009

Winter Boat Projects - The Jib Halyard Tension

When I first got this boat I had no idea the mast and boom were both green. I got over it really quickly, in fact, I'm kinda keen on the green now. I was going to repaint the mast off white, but after looking at a few of the pictures from this year... I'm going green. But what I never got used to was the magic box that served as the jib halyard tension. In my experience, these things inevitably fail and then you are out of the race, unless you're like me and had a back up system ready to roll. But, that takes time on the water and I'd rather avoid that problem so I dug into my box of slightly used/loved boat parts and found almost everything I needed to make this a double ended jib halyard system.
After taking the magic box off and gathering the blocks I needed I just slapped them on. I used a long line I took off some other part of the boat I replaced and saved. This is what it looks like now, but I'm concerned that the jib sheets might tangle in it during a tack or gybe. All that's left is to add another cleat to the cabin top on the port side and I'm done.


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