Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A Folkboat Identified in Michigan

So, I get this email from Richard from a guy in Michigan who has a nordic folkboat and wonders if anyone can help him gather some info about what he's got. This was the email her sent:

Mr. Keldsen,

Good morning, I recently purchased a wooden Nordic Folkboat. In the forwardcabin FD111 has been routed in and in the back 3 Ton. Is this a DanishFolkboat? Also I was wondering if you had any other information on her? The boat had been in the Detroit area.
Thank you,

Brent Rodammer

Richard sends me the email asking for help, I dig through my computer and locate the file Ditte had given me some time ago with a listing of all the Danish Folkboats built numbers 1-199 and relay the info back to Richard. He sends it off to the king of all things folkboats and the following reply comes forth:

Good morning everyone,

F D-111 tells that this was the Danish sailnumber 111. The boat was build by Sv. Olesen, in Sundby (Amager) by Copenhagen in 1950 and later exported toAmerica.In Denmark it was named "Peter Spillemand" - translated: "Peter the folkmusician"In 1949-50 Sv. Olesen build five Folkboats of which Peter Spillemand seems to be the last one. He seems only to have build those five boats.The 3 Ton probably means that it has been measured to gross tonage, which is almost 3 ton.
Kind regards,

Erik Andreasen

The folkboat network is strong. Got questions? Will search for answers because we are just that nuts about these boats to care.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you don't mind, I would love to have a look at that list of Danish builds...
KC36 "Lamb's Navy"

2:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

PS I would love to get in touch with a fellow Great Lakes Folkboater...could you pass on my address to Erik?

2:57 AM  

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