Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A New Wood Folkboat From Per Brandt-Møller

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Here is the rough translation from Danish to English from the website above:

The first Folkboats both were built and launched in Sweden back in 1942. The popular family and racing boats received in 1977 his second youth, when it was allowed to build folkboats both in fiberglass. The vast majority of folkboats both now been built in fiberglass, but there are still sailors who prefer the "real". We can talk to about the Brandt-Miller boat building, over the years has built some 600 folkboats both ways. Brandt-Miller is in the process of building a folkebåd of wood to an English buyer who intends to use the new boat for racing. "This is the first time in 16-17 years that we build a folkebåd entirely in wood," says Brand-Miller Per Brandt. "Virtually all the new folkboats, both built in the days of fiberglass possibly in combination with wood, which use wood for the upper, therefore, to deck and cabin."
Per Brandt-Miller says that of both building types we have saved the old templates, and therefore we can build wooden at an affordable price. "We are a full plating up, and then, the idea is to put everything together, as it was a children's game. It certainly makes it much cheaper than if we first have to create templates, "he says. Since both buildings were in progress with the task, they decided to cut klædninger up to two people on both. The second boat will be Per Brandt-Miller himself. Of the approximately 600 folkboats, both as a shipyard has built over the years, is about 400 wooden. The new boat for the English client is scheduled to be completed by 1 April.


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