Tuesday, December 23, 2008

1959 Folkboat at Spaulding Boat Works

I'm on my way back to the city and thought it necessary to stop at West Moron... I mean Marine and as I glance over at the Spaulding Boat Works I see a Folkboat mast... What boat is that?
I go up to the unlocked front door and walk in sheepishly, hoping nobody questions my presence.
I thought it was Freya at first because the mast was painted, but the deck wasn't yellow and the cabin hatch looked too good.
I stepped around a few works in progress and still couldn't figure out which boat his was.
Been recently painted, but the tape wasn't removed?

Cabin top recently painted too.

Winches are way old school, the missing winch handles aren't even below deck.

As I snapped this picture I saw a clue.

OK, this is a give away, but I still don't know which boat this is.

The down below area looks alright, nothing too bad down here.

Not a big fan of the hatch, backstay, barney post or the bench seat that fills the cockpit, but everything looks like it had been recently functional.

That's odd... two shrouds? Seems silly to me... if it's going to fail having two at the same anchor point isn't going to help much.

Now there's some beef! Take a look at that goose neck fitting! Certainly not your standard off the shelf Andreasen model.

But this mast organizer is...

Ok, who is the dork who put the metal track in place of the bolt rope track? Must be a Knarr sailor influence somehow.

Now how in the world are you going to adjust those jumpers way up there? I'm standing straight up when I took this picture and those are out of my reach.
The jumper housing isn't standard issue either... way more robust.

Now this is telling... jib track on the deck, not the cabin... clearly not up to date.

No jib track at all on this side.

Sweet old motor mount though.
Now I see why she's here... these planks need to be replaced.

Yes, some serious replacement/restoration needs to happen here, but everything above water looks ready to roll. With a little love, this Folkboat will be back in the action soon enough.

The front of this keel... well, that will slow you down a notch.
To whom ever it is that is taking care of this boat, thank you. I think you've got a real sturdy craft once you get the below water boards replaced. Everything up top looks worth saving and real strong too. Do me a favor though, tell me which boat this is!!! it's driving me crazy that I don't know.


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