Monday, December 01, 2008

Now That's How you Hike Out!

Ok, kids... pay attention. This posting goes out to all those skippers who have ever asked their crew to hike out so you can actually see the waves in front of you and actually keep the boat flowing through the water. These photo's courtesy of Bjorge Dehn... he doesn't know I'm using them yet. ;) Notice how the jib trimmer and the main trimmer's asses are all the way over the side... AND THEY'RE SMILING!!! Because this is fun!!!
Oh, but this hurts, there's nothing to hold on to, I might fall in the water or get a cramp, boo-hoo.... Pansies! You know what sucks? Not having your crew hike out like this, then slam into a wave, slow down or stop and watch the guy next to you surge ahead and pass you. So lads, do your sit ups, do it for the girls ( as mike g would say) and make you skipper happy. Then, if you don't start doing better it is the skipper's fault and you can refer to him as the guy in the back of the boat holding the brake.


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