Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Scotty is up to his ears in Folkboat Restoration Projects

Scotty in Vancouver is at it again working on Trio, his beloved Nordic Folkboat. This is the same guy who bought Per Buch's sails in 2007... look up that story in my archives.
From Scotty: The boat is in my front yard. My cover is too low but whatever. The plan... Dynel over Okoume plywood decks, teak cabin sides, teak kingplank, Teak rubbing strake toe rail cockpit combing cap... wood stove, v birth, yellow cedar headliner for the cabin top. 26 new frames, recaulk the garboard and all along the stem and sternpost. One day we WILL sail to sanfrancisco though not to race... definately more of a cruising folkboat... I also increased the scantlings of the deckbeams so I no longer measure... but the deck is bombproof. A bit daunting right now as I had no idea things where as bad as they where but actually am glad because now I get to make it the way I want it.

Will send you more pics with the progress. Launch date. July 2010.

Good luck to you Scotty, We'll have the docklines ready when you arrive.

My Quest to be more like Christoph cont...

It turned out OK, but remember I'm a hack woodworker and it was more to keep my crew from getting splinters in their bums. Although I have been striving to be more like Christoph on the race course, I should have titled this My Quest to be less like Christoph... When we were in Flensberg for the Gold Cup Mike and I were spying on Chiquita, we got caught and when Torben came down to thwart our efforts he stepped on this very same spot and snapped the wood. When they shipped the boat over for the SF Cup I couldn't help but notice how they had not fixed this yet... Come on Torben, must I show how to do everything?!

My Quest to be more like Christoph cont..

A little epoxy... Any excuse to fix up a batch, that stuff is just fun. Some clamps and tape and let it sit.

My Quest to be more like Christoph cont.

I rummaged through my father in law's wood scrap pile and found a few pieces that might work and shaped it to fit in the space I created, all with just a hacksaw, dremmel and sandpaper.

My Quest to be more like Christoph

I see why they started making those solid teak 'old man seats'... They break. This one cracked earlier in the season and I warned everyone getting on the boat all year thinking I'll patch it up later... Then eager beaver Sean Svendsen gets down to the boat early during the SF Cup to put the sails on and steps right through it. I see how he does it now, he brakes your boat then has you come into his boatyard and charges you an arm and a leg to fix it. I'm kidding... Sean doesn't read my blog anyway. So, I sanded down the rough parts and went looking for teak scraps.