Wednesday, August 13, 2008

For Sale - GER 627

Anyone want a great deal on a used German Folkboat?

Nordic Folkboat ENG 627 06/08 Built in 1988 from Kerteminde, white with blue stripes, very well maintained condition 1 set sail, Moonlight deck hatch, Honda outboard motor 5 HP (new 2007), upholstered in blue (new 2007), underwater ship VC 17 M, Accessories: Mooring lines, compass, stoves, various lines, winter and summer Plane, winter camp Bock, anchor with Trosse, deck lighting and Miscellaneous Price: 23,000 euros VB Contact: Detlef Politz Tel 0177 632 86 66

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Annika Walks Around the Boat

I spent a good chunk of time cleaning the boat out and then brought Annika down to cruise around.
She's able to navigate the cockpit and down below area all by herself now, but still can't climb up on the seat, so we are safe for now.

When she sees me with the camera out she immediately hams it up for me.
This one almost resulted in a tumble, but she recovered nicely and said, " Uh-oh." like 30 times.

Annika's First Baby Pool

OK, get your finger off the camera lens Annika.
We hooked up Annika with this Swedish colored pool so she could splash around a bit.. it was hot the other day.
I think she's finally cooled off a bit here... looking like she's been lounging by the pool for years.
She jumped around and slashed for quit a while... she started walking and can now make it all over our apartment without falling... we are so proud.

Mike Goes Up The Mast

I know it has nothing to do with Folkboats, but it is what it is... a cool photo opp. I was hanging with Mike Peterson helping with this boat project in Alameda. I had just finished winching him up the main halyard and was kicking back on a bench, looked up and well... say "cheese!"

More Gold Cup Sailing Pictures Than You'll Ever Be Able to Look At One Time

FYI - 203 pictures of starts and mark roundings from the Gold Cup.

Enjoy, I hope you get some work done if you're at the office.