Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Peter Jeal Gets Rolled

I saw this on the way back from bringing Josephine from the CYC. I didn't take the picture. Brock sent it out... Not sure who to give photo credit to?

Monday, September 26, 2011

More Pictures Than You Can Shake A Stick At

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Awards Dinner Hardware

What an epic regatta.


All I can say is wow. We did our best and ended in a three way tie for first. Hats off to Per Buch and crew for winning, we were 2nd and Mike Goebel takes 3rd. The last race was an incredible battle with places changing every leg.

...and I'm spent.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Good Luck Monkey, Per Buch, Ask Me! and the Fog Was Just Awesome Today


Somehow we are leading the regatta. What a day... Two bullits to take the lead and go from irrelevant to relevant in one day. An amazingly beautiful fall day with thick fog making the foreigners a little nervous on the crossing to the city front this morning. Tankers?! What tankers? All I can say is we may not be the fastest boat, or the boat that can point the highest, but we made no mistakes today, nailed every lay line and got a little lucky too.

2 Firsts Today!!!!

We're back.

Ok, You Do The Math

Don't Slip Wilson!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Boats

SF Cup

I've Got To Keep All This In Perspective

So, after race one it was close. We thought we were 2nd. We asked the RC, they said we were 2nd. I see the book at the club, it says we are 2nd, the the daily trophies are presented and we are 3rd. They "made a mistake". Blink, blink. Oh. That sucks, wait. Huh? What are all these eraser marks and arrows and... Whatever. I'm riding my bike to and from the regatta site all this week because for the first time I can and as I was riding home this evening I see Mt. Tam in all her glory looking awesome and I realize that all this racing stuff is gravy. Look at what I get to do and where I get to do it. The amazing blessing continues.

Uh, yeah...

Stuff happens on the race course... Rules get broken, boats do their turn(s) and there was a lot of boats making these extra turns in the second race today. We were first to the windward mark, but hit the off set. Nobody saw it, but we did our turn. The flood tide at the mark made several boats touch the mark... Welcome to SF Bay, where when you think you're making the mark, your not. Because we sail in a river!!!! But the pictures below are when epoxy and a screw are not enough to hold the chain plates in. Such a bummer, Chris from GBR was getting her going "faster than greesed weesle shit." I'd never heard that one before.

DEN 1130

After today's racing, we headed back to the CYC and I had to take a few shots... Most proud of the first one. Even Svend Krumnacker in Germany will agree, sailing on the bay with the Golden Gate bridge in the back drop is always a winner. Anders and Benny say hi. Thanks for the Gujol Blå!

Ditte, Donald and Per Behind Us

Monday, September 19, 2011

Practice Race results

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Opening Ceremonies

SF Cup... Getting ready cont.

SF Cup... getting ready

MC Svend Svendsen

SF Cup would not be kicked off with style without Svend setting the tone. After each country's national anthem the teams were introduced.
The Netherlands guys sang theirs the 2nd loudest after the USA, of course.

Don Wilson Sporting the Flensberg Tie

SF Cup 2011... Game on!

Opening ceremonies in half an hour... It's just not the same without Christoph ;(

SF Cup Schedule


I'd claim responsibility if I did it... I didn't do it, but I know who did!