Friday, July 25, 2008

Spy Project Target: GER 658 Chikita

Ok, Quick... Christoph is parked at the regatta beer, let's go take a look at his boat.
Simple... that was my first impression. Everything is simple, streamlined and no extras. The winches and traveler were moved slightly more forward than most boats... makes sense, keep the weight forward, but Christoph looked like he had lost 20 or more pounds... Hmmm.
Backstay draws beautifully straight down, lines very thin...
Nothing fancy here either... those stars on in front of and behind the jib lead tracks are kinda weird, but again... real simple.
I don't care how fugly the boat is, it's fast... I'd buy it if I had the money.
Oh shit, here comes Torben... act normal.

Hey Torben, nice weather we're having, huh? We are so busted.
What are we doing? Oh nothing, just looking around, taking some pictures... mind if I look down below?
No? Ok, I'll just take a look at the mast then.
Hey, why don't you come up on the dock so I can see down below... I've always wanted to see where you guys put the mast on the step.
Scheisse Torben! You shouldn't have stepped there, now Christoph's going to be pissed! Not to worry, it's nothing a little epoxy can't fix. You're not going to fix it? I hope you don't get a splinter in your arse. Hey, it's about to rain, let's go get a beer?


Anonymous Torben said...

don't call her fugly (in fact I had to look up the word) ;-)
I am happy to appeared just in time before you discovered all her secrets down below...
btw. the splinters still hurt in my arse ;-)
we didn't fix it with epoxy, just removed the broken 'wood' and rounded off the sites of the fractures - just the best for my arse ;-)

ups... forgot to mention, besides her colour Chiquita is still amazingly fast...
take a look at race 7 and 8 - bugger the colour ;-)

12:14 PM  
Anonymous Torben said...

sorry the link is wrong...
take this one:

12:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

funny coverage! too bad we didn't get the spycam installed while you were at it. next time bring your tension gauge! Cheers, KH

11:27 AM  

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