Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday Afternoon Project List

Don't you ever browse the Folkbad Centralen web catalog? I sure do. I emailed Erik and he sent me one... 7 years ago... and I got a sticker too. :) For years I've been studying the catalogue and wishing I had a boat made in Denmark. Now I do. And my "To do list" is getting silly. So, I have time to sit back and enjoy it before the race season begins. Above is my relaxation kit. Beer, the catalogue and a Scrabble dictionary. Ok, so I'm the nerd that reads the scrabble dictionary in my spare time for all those little annoying words that can score a bazillion points and make you want to challenge me. I think it's important to know all the names of tropical shrubberies you can learn.
Annika is getting her sea legs and soon enough she go out for a sail... when Cassandra thinks it's safe. I try to tell her about how I was 2 months old and my parents took me sailing. And I know Ditte wasn't much younger than me when she went out for the first time. It's not sooo unusual to take a small baby sailing on a folkboat, right?
So we kicked back and enjoyed the day. The wind did pick up today... no wind never lasts more than 2 full days on the bay... it's practically impossible. And no, I don't normally drink Bud... someone left it on board with a few others after the German team put on a food spread with beer at the SF cup. They're not like eggs, they don't go bad, do they?
Svend A. asked me to take some pix of the down below for "research" or something. Here you go. Jibs on one side, main on the other... Whisker poles elevated... yes, poles. Haven't you ever broken one in a race? Oh, maybe you don't sail where the wind is that strong. I keep the 2nd one for nostalgia... my dad made it and claimed it was perfection. Except, it's a foot shorter than most poles... I'll figure out his angle someday. But a short spare pole is better than no spare pole when you need it. I also have a spare boom and brand new mast in storage... I've never even seen it too. It's stashed up in Peter Jeal's loft still in it's bubble wrap from shipping.
This MP main looks good, but I'm not sure it's flat enough... anyone out their with trim tips in English?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your blog fills a great space for us folkboat-nerds - YES, your not alone. Always great pictures, and one cant get enough of looking into different solutions and arrangements in pictures of other boats.

I read that SWE 1323 "Olivia" won the championship in Finland 2007 using an MP main sail. Olivia is a glassfiber boat with an aluminium mast from Benns. They said that the MP-sail worked wonderful together with the alu-mast.
However I believe the conditions are different in Finland, not often as much wind as you have on the SF bay.
Another funny detail is that they use a spinnaker in Finland, and SWE 1323 used a 15 year old borrowed one.

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