Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Out in the Yard at Svendsen's

I cleaned up the rails a bit with that two part teak cleaner... love that stuff. I'll teak oil them later. I don't need to be out in the yard to do that.
Washed and buffed the hull... Mike G. took my rudder off (without permission), but I should thank him. I discovered the lower gudgeon was loose. Unthreaded it, cleaned it and 5200'd it back in place. I also discovered the jib halyard shiv was totally shot and replaced it. Got a new, lighter, smaller wind indicator for the top of the mast and put on my CF numbers. OK, I hired a guy to do it... I ran out of time. Call George Kelly if you need yours replaced. One of my major concerns was handled... at least enough for now.
I had the middle keel bolt replaced to check the threads for damage to see if I really needed to do the other aft 2. The above picture is the replaced bolt (#3) next to one of the old bolts (#2). Number 1 and 2 look fine, but 3 seemed to have a very slight leak and had rusted pretty bad. Turns out the bolt itself was in very good shape. I was lucky (or very smart) to take my boat to the only boatyard that would possibly have a Danish built nordic folkboat keel bolt repair kit on the shelf.
Up close what the new one looks like... no I haven't finished cleaning yet.
This is number 4 with the lifting strap still attached. I was recommended not to use this lifting strap anymore and whoever did before me was lucky it held. I don't need to lift her out, I don't have a trailer and the only lift I thought might work or would want to use can't handle the load. Good news is I don't have to remove the keel to change the last bolts if I don't want to... they simply screw in and out... Andreasen never ceases to amaze me with the details and craftsmanship of his boats.
Now all that is left is the super slick racing bottom paint job and we're ready to race. Good timing here too... I've got Spring break next week to go out and practice with my new crew.
Now I'm also ready to start Crew Development Night. Starting in April Tuesday nights will be dedicated to taking out people who want to learn to crew under race conditions. Send me and email and sign up for a Tuesday night.... more to follow soon.


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