Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Return Trip Back to SF from Alameda

We wanted to leave Svendsen's around or a little before 11, but it didn't quite work out that way. I needed to pay the bill, pick up the sails and remove the boom because I had stuck the shackle part into the track and couldn't get it out without removing the boom entirely from the track and to do that I had to undo the outhaul... and Cassandra needed new foul weather gear since she will be racing with me this season! Wha-hoo! Here she is with her new sailing gear. Usually, the girls want to do the trip to Svendsen's, not back to SF because going there is all down wind and chill. But Cassandra wanted to take the day off and make the trip back with me to get her sea legs back... and she likes the challenge.
Checking the jib trim, shaking off the rust. It's been a while since she's been out sailing so no yelling today.
We left a little after noon and caught the beginning of the ebb in the estuary with 2-7 knots of breeze. The forecast was for 25 + in the central bay, but it hadn't filled in all the way yet when we left.
Everything on the check list finished, just clean and maintain for a while. :)
This was the first time we sported the USA 122 on the sails.

I've been an armature graffiti watcher lately... looks like someone from Sweden has been here before... I don't think Bjorn had time to put this here, must have been someone else.
Ok, now this is as close to a cargo ship as I'll ever want to get...
As we left the estuary the wind faded to nothing, but we could see it coming and the current pulled us to it quickly. Since there was still left over flood under the Bay Bridge we went around T.I. to the north where the wind was strong, the current favorable and flat. It was then that I realized I didn't reattach the outhaul line correctly and didn't have full range. I couldn't get the sail flat at all and the wind pipped up to 25 plus. So, I sheeted in, used a little backstay and wrestled the over powered main all the way home. Did it right though. Made one tack and laid the mouth of the marina. Had to bare off a little at the end too. :) There was one series of waves that jacked us up. Seemed like a couple of waves joined forces right as they got to us and lifted us up and to leeward at the same time, kinda scary, but no worries... I'm in a Folkboat.


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