Friday, March 14, 2008

I Love the Smell of Fresh Bottom Paint

The guys at Svendsen's did a really good job on the bottom paint. They really put some effort into the details for me and I'm really impressed with how it came out.
So, they'll hang it on Monday late in the day, work on the spots where the cradle supports the boat on land, drop it in and step the mast on Tuesday and I'll take her home on Wednesday. This plan will give me one more weekend in the yard to work out a few other details, put my rudder back on and get my new sails.
Usually they tape off the gudgeons, but I guess it really doesn't matter.
Panda fixed my wisker pole that Per and his barbaian viking crew destroyed during the SF Cup (I say that not as a slam, but as a term of enderment). I was stoked to find the pole all finished and tucked away down below.
I'll take Peter Kallstrom's advice and actually turn on my VHF this time when I'm leaving the estuary... I did know how to check for shipping traffic and sometimes I do, but it's not really a mystery where they are going anymore. Oh, and a VHF can't get you out of the way if there is no wind and you don't have an engine.


Anonymous scott Dresler said...

I know this is probably obvious but you really should not be inhaling anything that goes on the bottom of a boat. got my new goosneck fitting in the mail today... so fun, I'll send you pictures of the before and after with my folkboat haulout 2008.

7:33 PM  

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