Sunday, April 13, 2008

Friday Evening on the Boat

When a high pressure system rolls in and creates a rare off shore flow the temperatures go up and the wind, if any, comes out of the east. The Bay was like a lake. No wind at all and it had to be at least 75 degrees. So, no sailing because if the current is stronger and faster than you can sail and you don't have an engine, you'll be sucked out to sea as far as 7 miles before the tide brings you back in. And that can be problematic if you get slammed into a pier or into the south tower of the bridge. No thanks. I'd rather get a 6 pack, some snacks and just hang out and watch the J boats motor in for their regatta this weekend.
Annika got a little restless in the cockpit and didn't want to be down below so we put her on the hatch and she started crawling. Our little girl started crawling a couple weekends ago just so we could check that off the development list. She's now on to pulling herself up to standing with anything she can get a grip on and is walking around whatever she's holding on to.
The sunset was awesome and the joys of having a folkboat continue.


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