Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter on Angel Island with the Folkboat Crowd

Decked out all in white, the Folkboaters stormed Angel Island and had a big picnic. The tradition dates back to 1984 and we wear all white because.... "We look good." According to Evie Ashcroft.
Evie did it again organizing the event that was said by many as the best Easter on the Island ever. The weather could not have been better, 75 degrees and a light refreshing hint of a breeze. 75 people were counted in attendance, not including the kids.

We motored over in Bill Madison's Grand Banks and my daughter took the helm. This will be her only exposure to motor boats until she learns how to sail. It used to drive me nuts, but my dad was right, "You'll never learn to sail if you use an engine." This was the way to go this year because waiting for the ferry is just that, waiting. And sailing over would have taken years with the light wind. And since we had so much stuff to bring with us, this made the trip very enjoyable... thanks Bill.
A little after we got there, unloaded the food, wine and set up the tables our little princess needed a stroller ride to fall asleep for a while. Along the way I ran into Chris Herrmann and his trusty red wagon.
He crammed 3 little girls in his wagon and squealing with delight, they rumbled their way down the path only to stop occasionally to stare at a bug or a worm or a moth or a flower or a....
Melissa and Emily Herrmann with their friend from school.
The the Easter Bunny showed up!!! Yeah!!! It's tradition for the season champion to wear the Easter Bunny costume and lead the Easter egg hunt and Don Wilson did not disappoint. Don was brought in on a row boat and brought actual carrots to pass out to the kids... but they wanted candy.
So, after a brief photo opp, the Easter Bunny lead all the kids over to the grassy hill and the hunt was on. The competition was fierce, but in the end all were happy and with their coveted candy.

I was a little busy with family to get many other pictures, so if you have some shots you'd like me to post, send them my way and I'll get them up ASAP.


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Looks like there is a game of vricket going on. Very british looking people in the pictures. Scary.

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