Thursday, April 17, 2008

Rules Seminar At The St. Francis

The lights were dimmed, the room was quiet except for the words of our rules seminar speaker, and the drinks had an adverse affect... Despite popular belief, rules seminars are not a sleep aid, but for Bill DuMoulin they seem to be. Peter noticed first, then dared me to take his picture. I said only if you buy me a drink. He said yes. Then, after I risk all to get the picture he says I have to post on the blog to get the drink. This was not part of the original verbal contract so all previous negotiations are null and void. I renegotiated for "several" drinks this Saturday after racing if I got the picture up before midnight.
Thanks Don Wilson for organizing this rules seminar given by John Cristman and hosted by the St. Francis YC. The power point presentation regarding the turning on and off of rule 18, only to have rule 15 enabled, then have 18 turned turned on again, but only when an attacking boat is tacking and the over taking boat is tactless enough to tack and attempt to slide inside taking the attacking tacking boats tactfully tacking position away and then would seemingly be forced into tacking it into the mark... I'm not sure that segment of the seminar helped me, but it was fun to see everyone (except MIKE GOEBEL who said would be there) before the first race of the season this Saturday.


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