Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Starting Sequence for Race Seven SF Cup

With the left side clearly favored Christoph looks like he's at the right place at the right time... Bengt looks a little early and Peter is about to lee bow someone.
Bengt looks good after luffing, but look up the line... Chris Herrmann is flying!! Look how deep Ditte is... clearly she's good, she pulled a 2nd place with that start.
...And up by the committee boat, Herrmann punches out with speed, he wasn't pointing super high, but you combine a wind increase from the right and a bunch of lumpy waves at the pin end and you have a recipe for coming over the top of the whole fleet.

At the pin end boats are pinching, banging into waves and fighting for early race position... but Chris is free and clear to go fast.
Looks to me like the Dutch spent too much time trying to get over on Wilson and just went too slow... no need either, there was plenty of room to leeward.
Looks like the stronger wind hasn't reached the middle of the line yet and Chris is motoring.
With every shot you can see how Chris gains and gains and gains. The wind finally evens out, but too late 108 is gone.

Wilson makes a strong case for coming up under Herrmann, but... not gonna happen. Clearly, the right side of the line was favored, right guys?


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