Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Swedes Draw Scout... again

At the boat draw the #1 Swedish team drew Scout... again. They were so pleased with their draw, but felt it was unfair to have the same boat they drew in 2005 that they asked if this should be allowed? Fortunately for them, the regatta officers allowed them to keep the draw. A new rule for the regatta has been proposed in hind-site... The Donald Bratt Rule for the SF Cup boat Draw: If a returning competitor draws the same boat from the previous SF Cup event they can elect to keep the boat or draw again. Seems like a good idea to me.
Both Swedish teams shedding tears at the raising of the flag and the beautiful sounds of the Swedish National Anthem.
2 Swedes have won the SF Cup; Mats Hedfors in 1987 and Anders Olsen in 1983.

The Swedish teams: Swe 1358 Donald Bratt, Bjorn Axel Johansson and Lars Landen. Also, SWE 1305 Bengt Jarfelt, Ake Ljungqvist, Marc Kasanin.
... What is Borat doing in the picture?

Here are some shots of SWE 1358 during race 7 in very light winds.


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