Sunday, September 30, 2007

Who Bought Per Buch's Sails?

I love the folkboat class because of the cool people you meet... it's like having a classic Volkswagon, but way cooler. I posted Per's sails for sale and got a call from Scott up in Vancouver, B.C. and we started talking about his new to him boat... what a story!
He is now the proud owner of F D 55. By all accounts it's the 55th Nordic Folkboat Built in Denmark. We talked on the phone making arrangements and he told me this epic tale of the history of this boat and also sent me these pictures.
I thought I had it good where I get to sail....
Imagine dropping an ankor here and making a little dinner and drink... not bad Scott, not bad.

This is Scott standing up against the brand new mast that was constructed by a local woodsmith.
Check out the track and the wood blocks! Stylish.
I can see why he is so anxious to get a decent set of sails for her.

Her name is Trio, but Scott is sure that this not the original name. But by the looks of this shot someone has taken very good care of this boat built in 1949.
Scott, we have to talk about this cover... Please, please please tell me you have a decent cover for all that varnish!
Beautiful details all the way around. Hardly a flaw to be found. Scott tells me the keel bolts were recently replaced as well... maybe we should learn to trailor our boats and take them up to B.C. for the first ever USA/CAN team racing regatta... could be fun. Maybe we could make it a cruise instead and make having all the cool camping accessories the competition?
The following text is from an email Scott sent me:

I don't believe she was origonally named "TRIO" until she arrived in Canada in 1958. As far as who shipped her over, his name remains a mystery although I have been told he was running a smuggling operation by filling Spidsgatters and folkboats up to the headliner with cheeze and pickled herring, sealing them off and sneaking it past canadian customs. I believe he was caught... It was officially registered as Trio, the papers say it was built in Copenhagen Denmark in 1949. I have a set of heavy canvas sails with the numbers FD 55 on them, no jib, just the main, the bag the sail is in says 1952... They still sail well although some would say slow. I purchased her from the third owner, a gentlemen who has owned the boat for 6 of the 18 years he has known the boat. He has maintained her since he caught the previous owner crying at the dock as the girl she hired to do some brightwork had sanded and then coated before cleaning anything at all... Since then Troy has sailed her very little but has maintained her to the highest standard. I got her in amazing condition as far as old wooden boats go. I looked at a folkboat earlier this year that was fresh water for the last eight... put my fist through the Keelson like it was butter. I (being somewhat retarded) wake up and get out of bed and go on the internet and look for two things, 1. my friends dingy that I borrowed that was stolen and 2. Folkboats. I have various sites that I look at, mostly local buy sell.. and happened upon an add one fated thursday morning in regards to a 1949 Nordic Folkboat. I emailed him, nervous about the small unassuming pricetag, comparable to a really nice Taylor acoustic or a decent Toyota Pickup truck. I again expected to be knocking rust off Keelbolts and picking away at mushy spots... alas it was not to be this way... as Troy had replaced them two years ago, he said he yanked the old bolts out and the old floors popped out by hand. Stuff kept showing up, new mast with Vhf and masthead light wires built into the mast, "oh yeah, those are the original winches, I rebuilt them last year," "Hey, do you want a GPS?" "a Handheld" "A Dingy?" Needless to say I was pretty much ready to sell the farm... so I did... I have a 16 month old, my wife is in school full time, I do brightwork for a living, now I have a Folkboat. Life is good. Scott.


Blogger Rich said...

According to the Danes FD55 was built in '48 Looks to be the oldest sailing in NA

# 55
Name Go-nok
Year 1948
Builder Hundested Bådeværft
Location Amerika

10:40 PM  
Blogger Ditte said...

And Go-nok means something like "Good-'nough".
Sounds like the former name is still appropriate...

3:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great boat!
I believe there are two 1947 Danish builds in Ontario...
KC4 Onyx and
KC?? Tjockis...

Great blog by the way!
KC36 "Lamb's Navy"

2:06 AM  

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