Saturday, September 29, 2007

2007 San Francisco Cup Retrospective

So I borrowed some pictures from Ditte ( to make my first entry about the 2007 SF Cup. I thought it fitting to start with a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge. Our European guests always talk about how it's a dream of theirs to sail under the bridge, but the racing and busy schedule doesn't make time for this. So, after the races I had to take USA 116 and my boat back to SF. Ditte and Jonas volunteered to help. Since we didn't have any time pressures, we sailed out under the bridge together in 5-10 knots of breeze and beautiful skies... amazingly, no fog.
The opening ceremonies with national anthems and flag raising took place on the same day as the boat draw... these things always seem to make me cry... some sort of silly national pride. That's why I were sunglasses at these things. Yes, the boat draw makes me cry too. Especially if you are from Sweden.

I'm happy to find this picture to study the shape of John Wulff's main sail.
I love this shot... it's a classic perspective.

Boats entering the harbor after a fun day of racing. I love this yacht club location... it's so protected. It can be blowing 20 + knots and cold out on the bay and at The SFYC it will be 20 degrees warmer and much calmer.

All the Folkboats safely docked...
My boat looking sharp with Per at the helm.

I got to keep the Danish flag too!

So what do the Danes do in their spare time when they are here?
Of course! Go wine tasting up in the Napa Valley... good idea.

They went for hike at one of our tourist traps... Muir Woods. If you're going to do this go very early in the morning to get a parking spot and avoid the large crowds! Next time ask me to take you for a real hike up on Tam... I've spent my whole life exploring this mountain.
Have a nice trip? See you next Fall... 2 years from now.

The Swedes invited the Danes over to the Madison's to make them dinner. They dispelled the myths that the Swedes and Danes don't get along... turns out they just don't know each other very well.
I happened to call as they were making dinner and persuaded Bjorn not to put arsenic in the Danes food. He looks guilty of something, doesn't he? Probably guilty of having too much fun.

Having a bottle of champagne on the way back into the harbor... good call.
Monday's dinner at Tom and Leann's now a regatta must do.

John drinks another beer. Slow down, brother. Try to pace yourself.
... more to come, too many pictures to organize!!!


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