Sunday, October 07, 2007

Where Would We Be Without Peter Jeal?

Without Peter Jeal where would the San Francisco Folkboat Association be? I'd have won a season championship and 2 Wednesday evening series, but I'm not bitter. When I win both of those I want to earn it, so thank Peter for making me work for it. We need a guy like Peter in our fleet... he's so talented. He can make anything our of metal or wood and he's got a shop with every tool and machine you'd ever need and if you're nice and you beg, he'll let you borrow them.
We need a guy like Peter around because he can fix almost anything wrong with a folkboat and he knows all the boats so well. He knows where they are and in what condition they are in. He often knows who has recently bought a boat to help "keep them in the family."

We also need a guy like Peter to force us to learn how to race in light wind conditions. We are so used to 10-30 knots that when it gets down below 5 knots we don't know what to do. Peter proved during race 7 he can lead the way even with top Europeans in the mix.
Suzi is probably reading this going, what about me? He'd be nothing with out me! Yes, you're right, Suzi... you two make a tough team to beat... you don't even need a talented 3rd to win and when you do get a good 3rd... lights out, most of the time.

Peter made metal brackets and gave them out to those who wanted to go to the central main sheet idea... he could have charge $100 bucks each... I would have paid for it, but he's such a generous guy. He's always got a spare part you need around somewhere... it won't be the kind of thing you could use for the whole season, but it'll get you through the next race. So, Peter... if you're reading this, thanks for all you do to help keep our fleet together... literally.


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