Saturday, October 27, 2007

Annika goes for a Hike on Mt.Tam

We woke up late... 9:30. It was my turn to keep Annika quiet enough for Cassandra to sleep in for once. I did my job well. I took Annika out of her crib at 6 am and we migrated out to the living room, put the recliner in it's "lay back" position, snuggled Annika up on my shoulder and she was out like a light. I'm so lucky to have a daddy's girl. We both fell asleep and before we knew it... 9:30. A good night's sleep is now the most important thing. Since we were both well rested, Cassandra suggested we go for a hike on Tam. I've been looking forward to this long before Annika was born. We go hiking on Tam all the time, it was our thing to do at least once a weekend way before the baby and we haven't since she was born... it was time.

We started at up by the theater and did our 2nd favorite loop. We ended up at the West Point Inn and stopped to change and feed the baby... I carried her the whole way in our Ergo-baby... it's the modern day Baby Bjorn, but way more comfortable... all the weight is carried off your hips and I hardly feel like I'm carrying anything.
Being new to the father thing, I'm amazed at the attention a dad gets holding a 2 month old... it's like being a rock star... everyone loves a baby and wants to make a comment or worse, offer advice. I understand the urge to correct child behavior, I'm a jr. high PE teacher, but that's my job... when I'm out in public I let them do whatever and it's their parent's problem if their kid is acting retarded. But when you have a baby people are less than subtle about what you should be doing and quite frankly, it's intrusive and rude sometimes. Just when I got Annika out on the table these two women start telling me she needs a hat, her face has been smooshed on her left side, she needs to be covered by a blanket, blah, blah, blah... and while I'm holding her they actually try to put on her hat I had just taken off and cover us with a blanket I had just laid down to change her. First, wash your hands before you try to touch my baby. Second, don't touch my baby without asking. Third, did I ask you for your assistance or advice? Lastly, did I want your opinion or help? If the answer to any of these is no... keep your distance. Just look at these pictures of my little girl... why would I let your germs get her sick? Forgive the defensiveness of my tone, but when I look into my little girl's eyes and she looks up and smiles at me because she knows I'm her daddy... wow, that's love. Of course I'm going to protect her from anything I perceive as a threat, wouldn't you?
Back to the story... pit stop complete, we packed her back into the Ergo-baby and finished the rest of our hike. What an awesome day... a little hazy, but beautiful out. We could see some boats out on the Olympic Circle trying to race, but not much wind... I'd rather have been on my hike. On the trail we hardly saw anyone and we got a chance to do what we love and be together... all 3 of us.


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