Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Bridge Constuction View From a Folkboat

OK, these pictures are mostly for Lars Landen in Sweden... he really, really, really likes bridge construction.

During the last race of the fun weekend we raced back from the Estuary to the City Front... As we left the Estuary Peter and Susi were leading, Tom and Leann we're 2nd and we were having technical difficulties. I found a shackle clip on the deck as we were leaving and half way through the first race of the day my crew figured out it was supposed to be attached to the shackle that holds the jib halyard down... we averted disaster by putting it back in place before the pin decided to slip out. In between the Estuary mouth and the Bay Bridge Jason discovers another missing clip to a shackle on the main sheet block below the boom. I'm not sure how this held in place as long as it did, but we found another clip and put it back before we lost the main sheet... I see now why people tape those things up like they do.
I checked the tides... it was flooding and Peter and Tom both went the usual south east path around T.I. We had nothing to lose and went to the north. We took a couple of pictures and hoped they would get stuck in a hole. It didn't happen, but I'm sure for a while they were both thinking about the possibility that we could still come out ahead. That's all we were able to accomplish. We ended up getting beat by Fred and Hilary and ended up 4th "back to the barn."

At least we didn't have to tack as much as they did up the city front.


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