Monday, October 06, 2008

The Fun Weekend Racing at the Encinal Yacht Club

If you weren't there, you missed it. We had fun. Let's see, boats #15, 56, 72, 74, 102, 105,111,113,117,122. Ten boats and we could have easily had 15. Notably absent was our president, vice president, treasurer's boat (Mike was there and sailed down with me), our Race Chairman (his excuse is valid, for the moment, but his son could have made it?) and Richard Keldsen... No Vince, no Otto, no Adrian, no Bill D., no Dan or Danielle... seems rather we could have had 20!!!!! That's it, I'm calling all y'all out for a fight. I mean race. It was fun. All who attended agreed the location and sailing conditions were the best. There was much talk about doing it again next year even though it is our SF Cup year.
Mike and Dora Webber in Calafia held down the party scene and seemed to be the center of attention for all the social lights in attendance.
Leann didn't want her picture taken so I did it anyway. She looks better without make up anyway. Tom, who was right there, agreed.
I promised to have only one beer... at a time!
Freddy is a stud... carrying a motor onto the bow takes serious concentration... who uses those things anyway? Stinky, yucky, smelly, heavy... dad always said, "You'll never learn to sail if you use an engine." I'm not saying Freddy doesn't know how to sail... don't come away from this thinking that's what I meant. I'm just saying they are stinky, yucky, smelly, heavy, bulky, awkward, expensive pieces of machinery that are completely unnecessary when you keep your boat in the SF Marina and the current is in your favor. Freddy will probably kick my ass for writing all this, but he won't read it... we all know how he feels about email and computers. He's probably smarter than all of us for not spending so much time on them... which reminds me of another thing my dad used to say. These word come form the same man that worked for IBM for 34 years... "Computers are the biggest waste of time on the planet." I translate this to mean, get up off your butt, stop staring at a screen and go do something constructive, preferable something physical that keeps your senses alive for the short amount of time we actually spend on this planet.

So, I know you're busy... we are all busy. But sailing keeps us young... just ask Bob Frey Sr.


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