Monday, July 28, 2008

Super Nanny and Uncle Mikey

Meet the self proclaimed Super Nanny. Bjorn has many talents, child care is one of them. As soon as he saw her he took her and did this sort of mind meld thing and made a fabulous connection with Annika.
He was even thoughtful enough to bring Annika a book about Pippi Longstocking because of well, you know, Tommy and Annika are main characters in the book and her name is... yeah. By the way, Pippi may not be the best role model for kids... she does and says a lot of outlandish things and my daughters all ready a bit... focused, determined... ok, we don't want her to use her strengths for purposes of evil. Maybe we read the book in such a way as not to make Pippi look like a hero.
Everyone gets a turn watching Annika on this trip and Uncle Mikey is no exception. I know we were here to race, but... how can you resist those cute little blue eyes blinking at you?
Be warned, Annika will grab your glasses quick if you're not paying attention.

... and keep an eye on your beverage.
You may just find a hand in your beer!


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