Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mid-Week Castle Dinner

When a German says we will be leaving at 6:30pm to go on a walk up to the castle for dinner, don't be late. After the sailing on Wednesday, we went back to Robert's to clean up and broke a few driving laws to be back right on time... and I mean to the second. The goal for the week was to get as few points as possible in Flensburg, on the water and with the countries driving records, which are kept in Flensburg. Anyway, the group had gathered and was walking up the path as we scurried to catch them. So, I was already breathing hard when we started. Now, had I known the path was up and down hills and over rather rough terrain I would have done like so many others did and take a cab. Pushing a stroller with little bitty wheels over cobble stones and hiking trails, down stairs and over tree roots ain't easy. But after not looking up for 15 minutes or so just make sure I didn't snag the buggy wheels on something this incredible view of the castle appeared and made all that struggle worth it.
We were in the back of the pack, but the view just got better and better.
Ok, this is cool...

I didn't know what this sign meant, but we went left. Schloss must mean castle.
Ah, an ancient torture device to keep small children from being bad.

It was really hot up in that room with everyone, so Annika and I ducked out for a bottle.
This is what we saw.

Then, out of know where, Donald Bratt shows up! Finally, my chance to talk Swedish politics! For those who care... this is where I get my information on Swedish Politics:
Mike comes over and goes, hey I know this guy!

Suzi is just figuring it out that Donald was there when this picture was taken.
Micheal and Team Wilson having a good time.
Haymo is the only guy in the room taller than me.... I put Annika in his hands and she smiled... thanks. My arms were getting tired.
As we left, the clouds rolled in and made for an excellent sunset...
...and as we turned the corner to walk back the same way we came, it started to pour down rain. At first I was upset, but Cassandra was enjoying herself so much... see, walking in the rain is great. Walking in the rain in Germany with your wife and daughter through the woods and back to the marina laughing the whole way back is awesome!
These pictures are from Anders Ronn... some good shots of inside the castle and well... a recap of the fun we had.


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