Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Discovery Museum in Sausalito

No sailboat racing this last weekend, time to spend the weekend with the family and do something fun. We crossed the bridge and went to the Discovery Museum in Sausalito.
Lots of fun stuff for kids of all ages, but I think about 10 or 11 is the max age for kids at this place. After that, I think you're fooling yourself about the things your kids might find interesting.
But for our little Annika, it was whole new world filled with excitement at every turn. A nautical theme makes me happy because it makes for introduction to all the nautical terms which is an education in itself.
Boats and boards and water play areas inspired all the little kids I saw around the playground. They were so engrossed in the things they were discovering that they were ignoring their parents completely... which can be good if you actually want to talk with other adults for a change.
This metal sculpture reminded me of something Peter Jeal would make if he were so inspired.
We went indoors to the Tot Spot and Annika played us some music.
She crawled around everywhere and was laughing a giggling everywhere she went.
Then she charged at me.
And attacked, slobbering and snotting all over me. I got slimmed. It was awesome.


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