Sunday, April 20, 2008

New Modern Jib Carrier / Boat Show

Having a baby is awesome. It forces you to get creative when all you would normally do is get out of your car and drop off your jib to be fixed... yeah, 2nd time I put it up and a couple spots didn't hold... no big deal, but after only using it twice?
Annika is such a good sport about these little trips I take her on. She hardly fussed and charmed everyone at Svendsen's chandlery.
I went to the boat show because it sounded like a good idea. I called Sean because I knew he'd be there and he let me use his dad's pass. So, I was Svend Svendsen for the day. I probably shouldn't write this... it might get Sean in trouble, but no one seemed to notice accept Svendsen's employees and people who actually know Svend... I could pass for a Svend, right? That's going to be my new name I give at Starbuck's or Noah's Begals when I make an order. Last time I was Baltizar... and they asked me to spell it! I said, "Ball-tah-czar... does it really matter?" Anyway, after cruising the boat show and spending 25 minutes back tracking because Annika had kicked off one of her new shoes somewhere we headed for home. I wouldn't have spent so much time looking for it except this was the first time she had worn them and they had sailboats on them. I figured, boat show... sailboat shoes... cute, right? My dad always said about things you are looking for that they'll be in the last place you look... I used to hate it when he said it, but he's right. I found the shoe at the All State insurance booth, the same one that gave me not one, but two life jackets for Annika if I filled out one of their information cards. One for the size she is now and the next size up... I'm set for the summer. So, I filled out their little info card and "by accident" put incorrect information. Since I was wearing a Svend Svendsen name tag.... I hope I got his email correct, I'm sure All State could get him a better rate.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eric, I tried it out, at Starbucks I was "Sven" too. Sounds great, "Sven, you have a Cafe Mocha"

10:00 AM  

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