Monday, January 21, 2008

Old School Photo of the Day

What makes a successful Folkboat youth movement? The old school. Without them, we wouldn't have any of the traditions we have today. See anyone you know old timers? And I use that as a term of affection. Well, if you couldn't figure it out that's my dad, Chuck Kaiser, 2nd from the left.
Bill Coverdale is on the very left, then after my dad is Marianne and Finn Reinath, not sure who #5 is, but then there is Bob and Barbara Ray and way over on the end is Don Oestreicher... I hope he's not still mad at me for by accident leaving him out of last year's roster... Sorry Don. If you can pick out anyone you know send me a note.... Sure is fun digging through the old photo albums and with the advent of scanners, lots for photos coming up. Got any old pics I can add to this blog? Email them to me and give me the story.


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