Thursday, December 27, 2007

LA to Cabo in 2 days - The Story

Every road trip needs a mascot. The Abominable Snowman was ours for this trip. Yes, those are 2 cans of Tab. Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the 6 pack in Ralph's down in LA. Haven't seen that stuff since 1980.

Water... check. Passport... check. Cell phone... check. ipod... check. Toothbrush, paste and floss... check. Beano... check. Mascot... check.

The sole purpose in making this trip from Los Angeles to Cabo San Lucas was to deliver a 4 Runner loaded with house hold supplies to my brother-in-law's father-in-law which makes him my uncle-in-law. So, we loaded up the truck, picked up some Tab, hung up the abominable snowman and threw the dog in the back... see ya.

Jerrod knew this spot to stop and take a brake... looked like an awesome spot to pitch a tent and fly a kite too.

Daisey Dug a hole.

... and barked.

This is Jerrod's 3rd of 4 Toyota 4 Runners he has "Baja'd" out. He even got personalized vanity plates. He meant for it to read baja 4 runner, but opps, he ended up by accident getting it with baja 4nr - reading baja foreigner. Fitting I suppose.

One tree worth taking a picture of.

Jerrod likes to drive up on stuff to pose for a picture. It's what real 4x4 dudes do.

We stopped at Mama's for lunch... this is where all the Baja 1000 people stop to eat made obvious by the wall of stickers.

We drove all day and into the evening and finally stopped in Guerrero Negro for the night. We watched the Terminator with Spanish subtitles during dinner and back at the room.

A simple room with two beds, bathroom and funky ceiling stucco... made it feel like a cave.

Got up before the sun and headed off down the North road to Scorpion Bay. Saw a bunch of cactus, of course.

Jerrod had just had a new front windshield put in before the trip, but I guess it wasn't sealed properly or the North road and all it's glory opened it up or something. We heard an unfamiliar sound of air rushing in and realized it was the window... Pushed on it slightly and the whole thing almost popped out. Right before we left LA I was walking through Jerrod's garage and just happen to pick up a roll of duct tape I saw on the floor. Just thought to myself, you can always use a roll for something just when you need it most... Jerrod normally prepares very well for such trips, but this wasn't a camping trip, just a delivery, so he didn't pack this kind of stuff.
Good thing I did. A new phrase about me was born, "I'm only half as dumb as I look."

After sealing the deal, we were attacked by cows. Thank goodness for Daisey, she chased them away in grand style. I couldn't get the video rolling quick enough to catch it though.

This was the lead attack cow. Her other 2 henchwomen were right behind her in "V" attack formation.

This is Tomas Aguilar. The section of the North road we were on seems to run through his property and he feels he has a right to put up a fence, stop people and ask for a toll of sorts. He keeps a newspaper clipping in a plastic bag to show you that he was once in the newspaper and that the road goes through his property. Seems he'll take anything from money to food or water. Jerrod told him we were going camping and would be back in 2-3 days to give him something... psyche! Tomas got hood winked. I suggested we just shoot him, but Jerrod didn't have a gun.

This is a donkey... I think. We had a very unenlightened conversation about the difference between a horse, donkey and a mule. Never did figure out if this was a donkey or a mule?

Jerrod was supposed to take this picture making it look like I was holding the cactus up with my fingers, but he blew it.

We got stopped at a "safety inspection" check point and they searched the truck and found nothing. After watching them "search" I'm quite sure I could bring 3 tons of cocaine across the boarder.... not that I would, just that I could.

We stopped in Scorpion Bay for lunch at the Cantina. Jerrod had an orange soda and I had 1 beer.

On our way out of town, we were half way looking for Cassandra's boss, Crissy whom we knew would be somewhere in the area. On the first street we grove down, in less than 2 minutes of not really trying, we drove past the see through gate and I thought I saw Crissy's daughter whom I'd never actually met, but knew what she looked like. We stopped the truck and peered in. On the back of their truck I saw a Live Water Surf Shop sticker and figured this had to be them. Sure enough it was, we stopped, helped them unload their truck. Seems they had only just arrived 20 minutes before we stopped by. They showed us their place, but we had a long ride ahead of us out the South Road and we were soon back on the road.

This is dog #1... I didn't catch their names.

This is dog #2, again they didn't reveil their names. Very secretive dogs.

We nearly hit 7 or so cows like this one, but I put the camera away at this point because it was all the same scenery and you can only see pictures of cows, cactus and dirt for so long until you've had enough so...

We arrived at my aunt and uncle-in-law's new house in the Cabo area and played ping pong and slept. Next morning I got on a plane and went home... the end.


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