Saturday, December 08, 2007

Sailor's Kid Folkboat Mobile

Cassandra, Annika and I went shopping downtown this morning, then on the way back Cassandra wanted to stop on Chestnut St. and I didn't. So, we went our separate ways and I ended up down on the boat with Annika. There is always something to do on a boat. If anything, cleaning can always continue. It was a beautiful day today, around 60 degrees and very little wind and partly cloudy skies. I propped back the cover and put Annika, who was asleep in the rear of the cockpit, and I began doing what guys do when they have an hour or so to kill on their boat and after a half an hour or so, Annika began to stir. I was right in the middle of some little project I had created and I needed a distraction for her so I could continue. Out of necessity, I designed the Sailor's Kid Folkboat Mobile. It started out with a few shackles attached to the baby carrier and soon grew into a very funky design with anything I could find including a 2 wheel block. She loved it. Sweet, I have a daughter who can be entertained with spare boat parts. Life is good.


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