Monday, November 26, 2007

Annika's 2nd Hike On Tam

We started near the Mountain Theater and went down Simmons trail. Then went to Barth's Retreat followed by the Mickey O'Brian Trail to Laurel Dell. We took the fire road over to Potrero Meadows and gave Annika a needed diaper change and feeding. That's where these pictures were taken. This one was the favorite. I have her in the Erog baby carrier facing out and she really liked it. Perhaps the forest was bit much because she lost it just before we finished the hike.

I played tour guide for Annika.

We found some mushrooms growing in a tree.
After Potrero Measdow, we linked back up with Bernstein Trail... we'll save the old Air Force Base for another hike... this one got a little overwhelming for the little one.

I stuck half a tangerine in my mouth and pushed it out with my tounge, bugged my eyes and Annika giggled at me. I thought, if all it takes is for me to entertain her is make a goofy face, we are in for a lot of laughs together.


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