Wednesday, December 26, 2007

LA to Cabo in 2 days - The Videos

We almost ran over probably 7 or so cows over the 2 day trip. We saw some that well, didn't make it... yuck. It was hard to tell from a distance if they were bulls or cows... much confusion. You see the cows in Mexico also have horns... who knew?

It doesn't look like much to any real 4x4'er because the slope doesn't look all that steep, but it was. Maybe I should have tilted the camera for better affect?

Jerrod was talking about some thing he had heard that a tangerine needed to be travelling 60 mph rolling along the freeway before it would explode... so we tested his theory... he was wrong. We were only travelling 50 mph when this test was made.

In the name of science we conducted another experiment to prove Jerrod is a genius... or not. If you look closely in the mirror, the tangerine exploded into smitherines instantly. Not a trace could be found... even if we bothered to look.Why ruin this video moment with a comment?


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