Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Mystery of the History

A new friend Adam in Eureka sent me a link to his Folkboat restoration project and well, I have to share. There is, however, a bit of a mystery as to which boat he has. I'm sure if we put our collective brain power to work we could figure this one out.

The below text is an email I received from Adam giving me as much info as he has on his boat... I only edited it a little bit:

"I never have found any hull number stuff on the boat itself. I do know that it was build by Knud Peterson in 59, i think the name of the boat is Freja. I have seen other boats named freja. It was purchased by a man named tom sheldrake from sf and trailered to eureka but i am not sure what year. He sailed it here and then sold it to a couple in Grants Pass oregon and i think that was the last time it was in the water. They sold it to the gentleman that i bought it from who had intentions of restoring it but never did. I bought it from him in sept of 06 and have been working on it sinse. I have replaced 6 of the 7 floor timbers that have keelbolts in them. I have replace roughly 40% of the planking including new garboard, first broad, and sheer strakes. I have replace all of the frames except for maybe 3 up in the bow. Now we are working on all new deck framing. I don't work on it as much as i would like to but family and other things often call."

Ok, kids... solve the mystery of the history of this boat.


Anonymous Scotty. said...

I wonder how many Folkboats have purpleheart floors? So cool, you fools are doing a wicked job... your framing looks good, what are you using for keel bolts? some fool stuck bare steel in my boat, now I have to fix it, just bought it last year. what a dumbass. he replaced six floors and put in hardened steel keelbolts, few thousand dollars worth of silliness. If I had it my way and my wallet was beefy I would make my own monel bronze ones... pricey wishlists we all have. I walked around my house tonight singing a song I wrote that basically asserts that folkboats are essentially better than everthing including food and sex and beer but not babies... i sing that part when my son joins in. I have no clue where your boat came from, as you are essentially giving it a new life you should give it a new name, that would be a fun contest, who can come up with the best new folkboat name. You should call it Neil Young. that would be freakin sweet. I am sure if you did he would come and find you and tell you how awesome your boat is. anyway, I am done... TRIO FD 55.

7:45 PM  

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