Thursday, January 24, 2008

How do you win Championships?

First, you need those yellow slickers like the Wilson Boys.
Do all your major boat work in your own driveway, use the workshop you designed, take your time and save your money.
And a perfect crew that functions as a team. Ron Honn is more or less 265, Al Jolly maybe 165 in this photo and then know how to drive and make a boat go fast. With Ron holding down the rail it was no wonder these guys did so well. It's hard to lose when you go higher and faster than everyone else.... nice glasses Al. I used to come along and was basically strategic ballast and beer fetcher. Since Ron weighed so much Al didn't have to go any farther forward than the hatch and could handle the jib and sometimes gybe the main so dad could focus on driving. As long as Ron got two beers every downwind leg he was stoked to take all the waves in the face and protect little Al and dad from getting wet. Just get up on the rail before the boat starts to heel. I think the plan was always win the start, beat everyone to the windward mark by a lot and see how far they could extend the lead before the leeward rounding... most of the time the race was already won as they rounded the first mark.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You did everything but call him fat. I know a big guy, tall ship sailor really nice guy, got to get him into Folkboats, I was out last sunday (32 degrees 25 knots northwest. clear skies... cold as a witches tit.) and I stumbled upon a race with tbirds and some other boats, I definately had them to windward, they healed over alot further than we did and looked uncomfortable so I guess I feel better now about having the rail out of the water. I had her going so well, until I had to tack... I need crew!!!! tacking in twentyfive by yourself is quite a process, I would have throttled them had it not been for my like ten minute tack.. Holy crap. My friend frank was there but he's useless, could'nt even get it on the winch the right way. and he falls alot, could be the hecktic brightwork everywhere... toning that down so we can actually step on thing without it disapearing from out underneith us. Got back to the mooring and it picked up to thirtyfive... just in time, we would have been toast. anywho, your dad seams like a really cool guy, you ever considered the beard... might be good for the folkboat scene down there to have a heavily bearded man kicking ass off the start. anyway. send me an email soon.

Scott up north.

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