Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It was Always There

When I was a kid it was just normal for my dad to keep the season championship trophy on the mantle... I thought it was ours to keep it was there so long. It wasn't until Kate Funk snagged it in 1976 that I found out it was something my dad had to win back.

Here we are about to go out for sail... notice the boat bag. Peter Jeal does this now... I wonder where he got the idea? I'd do it, but I'm on an end tie and well... I need a dock on both sides, plus I don' t think the harbor master likes the idea.
My dad's ugly orange/pink striped shirt... rumor has it Svend hated this shirt and made fun of my dad for wearing it... I think that's why my dad continued to wear it, but I'm not sure. In the above picture my sister, Kirsten, takes the helm.
These last three photos don't really connect, they are from around 1987... Don and Joan looking dashing. We really need to bring back the blue blazer thing. Otto Schreirer... still has that georgous wood folkboat US 92. Now that's a wood boat even I would take over one day.
The bottom picture has what I call the ultimate 80's folkboat party crowd. We need to have more camp out parties where we throw the keg on the shore and someone fires up the BBQ and a reggae band mysteriously shows up and plays all night long. Everyone passes out on their boats and sails away the next day.


Blogger webber said...

Boat bag!? ... tell us about it, a bag on top is common practice, but in the water?

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