Friday, November 23, 2007

Folkboats Get Launched

A little over 4,000 pounds, but still agile enough to leap small fish with a single bound.

I bet the whole thing shuttered a bit when she finally landed. It's almost as good as the classic stormboat photo. Ditte tells me she was actually on board when this was taken.. she was 6 weeks old?
With the racing season over I find myself dreaming of crashing through waves and thinking about how to go faster...and to all my European friends who have long put their boats away for winter... I'm sorry. Maybe we should host a mid winter international event here?


Blogger Ditte said...

Nice pics.
In all fairness, my sister was the who was only two months old in the storm photo, and strapped in her baby carrier inside the cabin. I was two years old, sitting on my mother's lap in the cocpit, not feeling too well... Ditte

1:25 AM  

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