Friday, November 23, 2007

The Kitty

I Don't know what's up with this card with a kitty on it, but Annika digs it. She could going completely ballistic, but place this in front of her and she's with her new BFF... kitty.
We found a mobile with it and then today a plastic pocket thing with a bigger version. I took out the kitty and put in my pocket just in case she decided to act up at my mom's house today.
Well, I didn't need it, but I took it out anyway just to show my mom how powerful the kitty's magic is and sure enough... animated smiles and coos... and drool.
We propped her up on the couch and partied for almost an hour with this stupid kitty. Any Child psychologists out there understand what's happening here?
Funny little kitty, huh?


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