Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Rødaette Has Been Loaded and Shipped From DK

Per Buch is at it again! He's loaded up and started the shipping process today from Denmark. Rødaette (Little Red Riding Hood) should arrive in California around August 11th.
DEN 784 is on her way to becoming USA 123 for anyone interested in picking up this little gem. That's right, Per is sending the boat over without a committed buyer. Per has elected me to be the care taker until a suitable owner can be arranged. So, if interested send me a note and we'll arrange and interview.
Erik Andreasen and his crew are well versed on how to load a Folkboat, they've probably done this a thousand times!
I put the pictures in the wrong order, but you get the idea, right?!
It'll be like Christmas when the container finally arrives and we open it up... I and others have piggy backed spare parts orders... things we can only get from DK. So, for those of you contemplating an order, too late! Maybe next time a boat gets shipped over and at the rate we are going that means two more years away!

After taking a closer look at all the pictures (and I have others too) it looks like Per is once again shipping over a quality Folkboat to add to our fine racing fleet. Just the thing we needed to keep our fleet growing and thriving on the bay for years to come.


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