Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Brock Dives His Own Boat

Brock bought a Hookah... no not that type of Hookah, this one supplies air... no need to schedule a diver! Jut connect the tubes, plug it in, turn it on and blammo, instant air. We did have to tie it down otherwise it vibrates so much it would walk right off the dock... that can't be good.
Put on your wetsuit, attach the harness, grab you scrubbing tool of choice... that info is top secret, though.... and get to work.
Brock made me time him this time and from start to finish... 15 minutes in the water to know for sure that the whole bottom is clean. Peace of mind is a tactical advantage I'd say. Thanks Brock for letting me borrow this, you're saving me a ton of money and doubt.


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