Sunday, May 17, 2009

I Found a Dead Folkboat - King Island

Took the family to Tinsley Island for the first time and as we pulled up into the parking lot where the ferry picked us up I see what looks like a Folkboat.
Ship 51 is thrashed... no chance this girl will ever see action again... I wonder if I could have the cradle?
Nothing worth pillaging off this craft, everything is gone... not even a shackle.
A once proud vessel, this one will sit until she returns back to the earth I'm afraid.
I don't even think the keel is worth salvaging... can we make a few trophies out of some part of her? Anything?
I said a few words, under my breath... and moved on from this most upsetting crime scene.


Blogger Thomas Armstrong said...

Unsettling indeed. Back in the early eighties, I remember folkies being very inexpensive in the back of WoodenBoat, presumably because they were lapstrake and not carvel. How things have changed. It's always a shame to see waste, but this is closer to carnage. Heartbreaking.

8:51 PM  
Blogger hawnron said...

Hi Eric, Its been a long time. Say Hello to you parents and I hope alls is well. I've lived in Folsom, Ca. for the past 17 years, thus not a lot of Folkboat time, but lots of memories with your father and Al Jolly, Dan Funk,and Ben Choate in the 80'- 90's. We won a lot of races on the No. 16 "Folly" and then }Folkdance", No. 103 I think. I was thinking, I remember the Wednesday nite went you were 10 years old, telling everyone that would listen that it was pretty heavy day, since it was a"double digits" birthday. I believe that was around 1982. Go fast and have a great year sailing, wish I was closer, and I would be ready to crew, Later, Ron Hawn

9:53 PM  

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