Friday, May 22, 2009

It's All Part of the Fun

I'm beginning to wonder who the silly Dane was who put this teak detail on the cockpit of Josephine without using any type of bedding? These very comfortable rounded edged pieces are a great detail, but I've had nothing but problems keeping them from falling apart. First it was the traveller/backstay cleet mount that snapped off last season (the other is now loose and will need repair soon), then it was the starboard side teak splitting multiple times because it wasn't properly positioned (nor was it subjected to my animal style crew who use the teak as a monkey bar slam into it hear it crack and go, "Dude, sorry."), then it was the jib sheet cleets (again just screwed it, no bedding compound!).... now this. It was just screwed in place. A little 5100 or any bedding for that matter would have prevented this. Whatever, just another excuse for me to mix up a batch of epoxy and make a more permenant solution.
Slammed a bunch in the crack down in the cockpit piece too while I was at it.
Not sure if I used enough epoxy... but I mooshed it down and taped it down tight enough to hold, I think.
Makes me worried that all the cabin top cleets are just screwed in as well. Doesn't anyone through bolt anything in place anymore? 15 minutes later, I was off to finish that good book I never seem to get around to reading.


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