Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Boats in the Yard Before the Season Begins

Mike Goebel's bottom looks like hell. I really wish he'd take the time it takes to take care of this and his other issues... just ask Soren Hansen about Mike's skills... he'll tell you... and won't hold back either.
There's that illegal rudder again. Too light, too thin. I think I'll protest him in the first race this season.
Can't be legal.
No need to say a thing here...

He doesn't actually do the work himself, he just likes to hold the hose and get dirty.

Roger Rapp's USA 15 - I hope he gets her out there this season for the Wednesday Evening Series... if he and a few others do we'll have 20 on the line!
Forgot your Folkboat plans? No problem. Roger always keeps his on hand for just such and emergency.
Randy hauled out also. Feels like a party in the yard with all these folkboaters around.

Brock was out too. He went back in before all of us. New mast, new boom, new, new, new... I wish I could.
Søren Hansen putting on the finished boom.

Bill DuMuollin also in the yard. Bottom job and some rail repair and back in ASAP.
Richard Keldsen's out also. New bottom paint, new rails, new mast... must be an International qualifier year.


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